Our Story

Sylk vodka started as a dream. The dream piece by piece became a vision that was put into action and became a reality using precise ingredients, methods and craftsmanship. Those who are precise  about the details they choose, from their clothes and venues to their cocktails and company, choose a vodka with a similar priority. Sylk Vodka wasn’t just blended for them it was specifically designed for them. Everything about Sylk Vodka was diligently designed. The continuous distillation and multi-filtering process ensures an extraordinarily smooth taste. Along with the elongated bottle which displays the smoothness of the spirit it contains. It is definitely the bartenders dream. Designed for precise, accurate and seamless pours. That’s what makes Sylk Vodka perfect for those who adore quality.

Our Process

The smooth uncanny mouth feel is what we characterize Sylk Vodka with.  Produced with only the finest quality, 100% GMO-free pre winter grapes, grown on the Niagara escarpment naturally.
The grapes are mushed and blended with water to form mash. This is fermented and goes through a column distillation process four times to produce a lively, fresh, ultra clean spirit. Small batch craftsmanship ensures top quality.
Once our spirit is obtained it is then married with distilled mineral water ensuring that 100% pure water is used the way nature intended it to be. This marriage sits for 6 weeks in stainless steel drums preventing any types of cross contamination allowing for a balanced blend.
As the last step the spirit is filtered 6 times using activated carbon allowing for all impurities to be stripped leave the “Sylky” smooth feel.

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